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I can over think like the best of them. I get all the plans, start the programs. I love fresh planners and journals. If I could do a fresh one monthly I'd be in heaven. But here’s the thing none of these change anything without you doing something. Even a slight change can lead to life altering outcomes.  I love how God calls us to big things and even in scripture human responses are similar to today. God calls we respond back by looking around and saying"me?”  God is gentle in his response “yes”. To which we counter, “ I can’t, I don’t have what it take.” But God! He always equips the called. He knows exactly what you have and chooses you. So take a look at what you have right now. What do you have that could be used to make a small step towards where God is calling you. If you have 5 mins in your day that you could sit in God’s word, or 5 mins to walk outside.5 mins that you could pray with someone. 5 mins you could write a letter. 5 mins you could pack a lunch from home. 5 mins you could sit with your kids and play. 5 mins you could clean a drawer in your kitchen. What do you have? We always have something or God wouldn’t have called us. And friend he is calling you. It’s time.  

This month let’s try a little challenge. Walk 1 mile or 20 mins each day. Use one of our trackers from

Are you unsure how to start?

Are you tired of “yo-yo dieting”?

Are you struggling finding out what your body needs to reach your goals?


Let me help. Fill out the form below and within 48 hours I will create a custom plan just for you. I will share options how to implement the plan and get you started. What do you have to lose?

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TF Journal:

Ready to get started?  Not sure where to start?

I recommend doing an assessment.  Take 3 days to write down your meals and more importantly how you felt while eating those meals.  Often we eat on the run or are stressed and this affects how our bodies metabolize the foods we eat.
Also write down your water intake and movement.  This will give you a chance to see what your current habits are. 

If you are ready let's look into some of our coaching packages.  You don't have to do this alone.

Habit Trackers:

I love monthly trackers.  They help us visually see our progress, which can motivate us to stay on track.

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