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Are you ready?

If the Lord called you right now, right this second would you be ready with your "Yes"?  Many of us might be hesitant or even question if God is really calling us. 

I know I have had a calling and struggled with the thought that the Lord was really calling me. Little Tiffany from a small town in Minnesota. Tiffany who was abused, who struggled with self worth, who was in foster care....
But GOD....
chose me because I was redeemed from abuse. I am chosen because my self worth is not based on others but rather the truth of God.  When I listen and live out his truth for me, I am reminded that chosen, I am worthy, I am loved. And God chose me because I was have a redemption story through adoption. 

In the places we feel cancels out our worthiness of our call are exactly why the Lord has called you. Are you ready?

It's time to posture yourself to give God your "Yes". Posture to pray for others. Posture to praise in all things. November we will begin posturing ourselves into our call.


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