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My story is one that has seen three widely extremes when it comes to health and now is finding the grace in the middle.  As a baby, I was placed in a foster home when I was 10 months old severely neglected and malnourished.  As a child I struggled with body image.  After a sever sports injury in college, my  body changed yet again.  Over the course of a few years I gained weight leading to my highest weight.  Seeking medical consultations I decided it was time to lose weight and find my health again.  Now this did not happen over night and there was no magic pill or special drink.  Don’t get me wrong I dabbled with that for a bit and knew it wasn’t for me.  I did it one habit at a time focusing on listening to my body and training mind body spirit.  I kept it simple and stayed the course.  After 8 years I found myself at my lowest weight since middle school and had two beautiful little girls along the way.  This new found health was praised by those around me and I got really good at manipulating my macros and calorie intake to enjoy all the things I like.  This became an obsession.  I would figure out the foods I wanted to enjoy that day and then fill in with the rest of my foods.  My activities throughout the day were to the max.  I know now that this was not health, and this was putting me on a road to a body malnourished and more than likely would have started to shut down.  Instead, I got pregnant with my son and had a second knee surgery which led me to finding the grace in between the extremes.  This is a grace that I struggle daily with, but it is a grace that through freedom I get to seek the Lord through it all.  I am not one that knows it all and I am with you all seeking health and wellness that lasts without being tied to an app or not being able to enjoy life’s adventures.  With me you will find that I am real, and I love taking things I love and making it healthier and better.  So, if you are like me and want to navigate a holistic approach to wellness then let’s do it together.  Join me for a class, check out some recipes below, and get ready to make small changes that add up to big health benefits.  And remember I am in it with you.

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Rx: Take a Walk (Couch to 5K)

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Monthly Calendar

We offer virtual and in person options as well as on demand.  We try to record our virtual classes to add options to workout on your own time.  If you don't see a class or time you would like please let us know and we can see about adding to our calendar.

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Habit Trackers

Getting healthy doesn't have to be hard.  The key is to create healthy habits. 

I encourage clients to start by assessing what their current habits are.  If you are starting out and not sure where to start check out the Journal option.  Take 3 days to write down your meals and more importantly how you felt while eating those meals.  Often we eat on the run or are stressed and this affects how our bodies metabolize the foods we eat. Also write down your water intake and movement.  This will give you a chance to see what your current habits are. 

If you already have an idea of what habits you would like to focus on check out the monthly trackers below.

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Free Workouts & More

360 Breathing Intro
Cross Body Crunch  Knee Ankle
Angel Swims
Box Curtsy Bowling Lunge
Iso Hold & Bicep Curl
Alt Fire Hydrant Glute kickback
Banded Pull Downs
Incline Low Row
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