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The Good Wife Season 4 Torrent 720p [2022]




.. into one of the most creative, effective and thought-provoking lawyers I have ever known. With the help of an excellent team, she moves close to beating the case. Meanwhile, Cary (Jay Halio) and Diane (Christine Baranski) return to work after a long hiatus, and Kalinda grows frustrated with her bosses. Kalinda, who was once a senior partner, believes she is capable of handling such cases herself. She finally gets her chance, and on her first day Kalinda finds herself the suspect in a murder. Can she handle the truth? The whole idea of a series that focuses on a single character and her journey is a new one for TV, but if there is one thing the eponymous lawyer from the 1994 movie First Wives' Club had going for her, it's that she was the only character. On one level, the series will follow that model—as Diane prepares to go to law school, she considers the future of her law firm with one of her senior partners. But despite the single-player format, this series will likely be a hit, at least with fans of courtroom dramas. There is little doubt that it is familiar territory for television. The show draws a great deal from such classics as Murder One, Perry Mason, and The Practice. In fact, the creators of the show have become so inspired by the aforementioned crime series that they are even taking names from the original series, most notably, Kalinda herself. "We feel like we're playing in the '90s," said showrunner Robert King. "We are very much doing a homage to the great legal shows of the '90s like L.A. Law. The main character is our stand-in for L.A. Law's Jill Hamilton, Kalinda's stand-in for Perry Mason's Della Street and Diane's stand-in for Margot Robbie's Christine McPherson, with Cary Stand-in for Jack McCoy, who was played by Ted Levine. And their big obstacle, which they're encountering in their first day at work, is like ours, which was the immigration case." King noted that the show is definitely not trying to be anything like L.A. Law. And while the characters may be inspired by the law of the '90s, the stories the show will tell will be inspired by more recent, high-profile cases. "It's a law firm in 2012, dealing with Donald Trump, who



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The Good Wife Season 4 Torrent 720p [2022]

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